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Core Principles


Mr. Robert Duiker

Introduction to Our School

Rocky Christian School has a long history, and owes its existence to the work of some very dedicated parents. In the early 1950s a group of parents began discussing the need for a Christian School in Rocky Mountain House. Eventually a 3.8 acre parcel of land behind the arena was purchased which is the present location of the school.

Rocky Christian School officially opened in 1970. There were 38 students enrolled from grades 1 to 5. By 1974, grades 6 through 9 had been added to the school. In the years following, the school expanded to include five new classrooms, a gymnasium, and computer lab. The school includes students from many of the churches in the community.

Rocky Christian School strives to provide a biblically based curriculum which nurtures the unique gifts of students and prepares them for lives as disciples of Jesus. Everything we do reflects a Christian perspective. The entire curriculum at Rocky Christian School meets the requirements of Alberta Learning.


Rocky Christian school is an non-denominational community of Christian believers, dedicated to developing and pursuing excellence in Christ-centred education.


Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the home, the church and the school work together to equip students to live lives that honour God and contribute to society in positive ways.


Biblical Foundations

As followers of Jesus Christ we stand firm in the belief that our world belongs to God. We also believe that children should be taught from a perspective that is in agreement with Biblical standards. As such we affirm the following principles to be true:

  1. Life: That human life in its entirety is religion which means that we may, because of Christ, serve God in every area of our life, in obedience, and out of thankfulness. We are, therefore, also required to direct the training of our children in accordance with this statement.
  2. Scriptures: That the Bible is the inspired and infallible Word of God which enlightens our understanding, directs our life and all our activities, and reveals the Creator of mankind and of the universe. Its’ truth is the key to knowledge of God, ourselves, and the world and must form the basis of all curriculum and disciplines taught to our children.
  3. Creation: We acknowledge that everything in the universe was created by God and He is still in control of all that happens to this day. We further profess that the ultimate purpose of creation is to glorify His name.
  4. Sin: We acknowledge that we are sinful people who because of our disobedience have a broken relationship with God, with each other, and with creation.
  5. Redemption: That the Christ of the Scriptures reconciles the world to God, redeems our life in its entirety, restores our fellowship with God and our neighbour, and renews our mind to rightly know God, ourselves, and the world in which we live.
  6. Restoration: As redeemed people, we join God in His work of restoring all things; seeking to make all things right in every way that they can be made right.

Christian Education Foundational Principles

  1. Purpose Of Education:
    1. To instill in each child an awareness of God’s presence in his or her life.
    2. To provide the child with an understanding of self as he or she relates to God, to others,
    3. To provide learning experiences suitable to the needs and the abilities of each child.
    4. To promote the development of each child to his or her full potential.
  2. Parents: God has given parents the responsibility to nurture and educate their children. In order to fulfill part of their educational task, Christian schools should be established.