Rocky Christian School Society



The objects of the society are to undertake and promote scripturally directed learning of children so that the Word of God in all its power is brought to bear upon the whole of their lives and to this end, to provide for the establishment, development, and management of a Christian Elementary and Christian Secondary School for their daily instruction and education.

The name of the society is “The Rocky Christian School Society”.

The Supreme Standard of this Society for elementary and secondary education shall be the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments.

Educational Statement and Principles
Believing that the Lord God, by graciously giving us the Scriptures, has revealed to His people certain basic principles intensely relevant to education, we confess:
LIFE: That human life in its entirety is religion which means that we may, because of Christ, serve God in every area of our life, in obedience, and out of thankfulness. We are, therefore, also required to direct the training of our children in accordance with this statement.
BIBLE: That the Bible is the inspired and infallible Word of God, and we accept:
That it enlightens our understanding.
That it directs our life and all our activities.
That it reveals the origin of man and of all creation.
That its truth must form the basis of all curriculum and disciplines taught to our children.
That it is the key to knowledge of God, ourselves, and the world.
GOD AND CREATION: That God the Father has created all things; that He now preserves His creation; that He continues to reveal His power and dominion in the cosmos for Christ’s sake. We further profess that the ultimate purpose of creation is to glorify His name.
SIN: That man, by disobeying God’s law and forsaking his office, separated himself from God and his neighbour, and brought God’s curse upon the creation. As a result, fallen man has become blind to the true meaning of life which confronts him in creation and in Scripture.
CHRIST: That the Christ of the Scriptures, the Word of God incarnate, reconciles the world to God; redeems our life in its entirety; restores our fellowship with God and our neighbour; and renews our minds to rightly know God, ourselves, and the world in which we live.
THE HOLY SPIRIT: That the evidence of Christ’s presence in our lives is the work of the Holy Spirit. Our children, placed in their educational environment, must be made aware that the presence of God the Father, and the saving work of Christ through the working of the Holy Spirit remains with us always. It inspires and enables us to do God’s will and to seek His glory in all things.
THE KINGDOM OF GOD: That in God’s Kingdom the rule of Jesus Christ over all things is established and, therefore, it makes the acquisition of all knowledge possible and meaningful. Since we must subject every thought in obedience to Christ, we therefore, reject every attempt to withdraw any aspect of life from the divine commandment to love the Lord with all our heart, soul, and mind. We will constantly endeavour to express and apply this kingdom vision in all of learning

MAN: That man is created in the image of God, who also established a covenantal relationship with us and with our children (through the work of Christ, our Saviour). This bond and promise requires us to reflect the excellence of our Creator and to serve Him in loving obedience.

PURPOSE OF EDUCATION: That the purpose of education at this Society’s school is:
To instill in the child an awareness of God’s presence in his life.
To provide the child with an understanding of himself as he relates to God, to others, and to the world around him so as to serve the Lord faithfully in all areas.
To provide learning experiences suitable to the needs and the abilities of each child.
To promote the development of each child to his/her full potential.
PARENTS: That God has given parents the responsibility to nurture and educate their children. In order to fulfill part of their educational task, parents should establish Christian schools.
THE CHRISTIAN SCHOOL: That the school, established and directed by an association of Christian believers in accordance with its objects, possesses the freedom to function in the field of education in complete and voluntary submission to Kingship of Christ.

Any person eighteen (18) years of age or over may become a member in good standing of this Society by subscribing to the Objects, and by paying the annual membership dues, subject always to approval by the Board of Directors, hereinafter called “the Board”.
Each member in good standing shall have one vote and must be physically present to cast a vote. There shall be no vote by proxies.
Acceptance, rejection, or cancellation of membership in this Society shall be determined by the Board.
A member may withdraw from the Society by tendering his or her resignation in writing to the Secretary of the Society.

The guide for conduct at all meetings of the membership shall be the most current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order, subject to the Societies Act. The work of the Society will require the following types of meetings:
Society Meetings
General meetings for informative purposes and discussions by membership.
Special Meetings which may or may not include special resolutions, but are called and held in accordance with the Alberta Societies Act
The Society shall hold at least one meeting each year to be known as the Annual General Meeting. The date, time and place of such a meeting shall be set by the Board with a minimum of 21 days written notice to the membership. The Annual General Meeting which shall deal with the following business:
Receiving and considering reports by the school Principal, the Secretary, and the Treasurer of the Board on the activity and progress of the school and the Society.
The transaction of such business as may arise out of those reports.
Receiving and considering the financial statements of the Society for the previous fiscal year.
Receiving and considering the budget for the following fiscal year.
The election of members to the Board.
The transaction of such other business as may be determined by the Board.
Other meetings as deemed by the board to be necessary.
At all meetings of the Society, a register of attendance shall be recorded which clearly identifies all members, non-members and special guests.
The Board, upon ten (10) days written notice, may call a Special Meeting of the Members to transact such business as is set out in the notice.
The Board must within fourteen (14) days call a Special Meeting of the Members after receipt of a written request from any three (3) members of the Board stating the reasons and purpose for the Special Meeting or a written request from any ten (10) members stating the reasons and purpose for the Special Meeting.
Fifteen percent (15%) of the total membership of the Society, present in person, shall constitute a quorum at any meeting of the members of the Society, and in the event that a quorum is not present within thirty (30) minutes after the time called for the meeting, the meeting shall stand adjourned to a time and place determined by the Chair, and a quorum at any such adjourned meeting shall be those members who shall be present at such an adjourned meeting; provided that in no case can any meeting be held unless there are two (2) members present in person.
Elections shall be by secret ballot unless otherwise decided at the meeting.

Board of Directors
The Board shall consist of not less than seven (7) members. Each Director shall hold office for a term of three (3) years, for a maximum of two consecutive terms.
The Board shall, prior to each Annual General Meeting, prepare a list of names of members as nominees for election as Directors. Any member may submit a name or names of members for nomination to the Board before the Annual General Meeting.
All members are eligible for nomination as a Director except:
Educational and administrative staff that function in the Rocky Christian School Program.
Employees of the Rocky Christian School Society.
The Board may appoint a member to fill any vacancy on the Board of Directors. He shall then hold office until the next Annual General Meeting. If the Board should fall below seven members at any given time in a term, an interim representative may be appointed by consensus of the Board.
No business shall be transacted at any meeting of the board unless a quorum of Directors is present. Fifty percent (50%) of the Voting Directors shall constitute a quorum.
Questions arising at any meeting of the Board shall be decided by a majority of votes. The Chairman shall not have a casting vote, and if requested, any vote shall be taken by ballot.
Every Director of the Society shall be deemed to have assumed office on the express understanding and agreement and condition that every Director of the Society and his heirs, executors, and administrators and estate and effects respectively shall be indemnified and saved harmless out of the funds of the Society from and against all costs, charges, and expenses whatsoever which such Director sustains or incurs in or about any action, suit, or proceedings which is brought, commenced, or prosecuted against him for or in respect of any act, deed, matter, or thing whatsoever made, done, or permitted by him or any other Director or Directors in or about the execution of the duties of his or their office, and also from and against all other costs, charges, and expenses which he sustains or incurs in or about or in relation to the affairs thereof except such costs, charges, or expenses as are occasioned by his own willful neglect or default.
The Board of Directors shall hold a minimum of eight meetings between consecutive Annual General Meetings. All minutes from these meetings will be recorded, signed and maintained by the Secretary of the Board and be available for review at any time.
The members of the Board of Directors shall receive no remuneration for acting as such except that the Board of Directors may decide to reimburse expenses incurred by a member of the Board while discharging his duties as a Director.

Powers and Duties of the Board of Directors
The affairs of the society shall be managed by a Board of Directors who may exercise all such powers and do all such acts and things as may be exercised or done by the society and which are not by the By-Laws of the Society or by law expressly directed or required to be done by the Society at a meeting of the members or otherwise, and without restricting the generality of the foregoing, the Board may:
Advise with regard to development and delivery of school policies and Christian curriculum.
The Board of Directors shall appoint committees to perform societal duties as it deems necessary from time to time. Each committee shall appoint from among its members a Chairman who shall be responsible to report to the Board.
Develop criteria to assist and give guidance in the appointment of the Principal and teaching staff at the Rocky Christian School.
Devise ways and means of raising necessary funds for the purpose of the Society and determine the manner in which funds of the Society shall be used.
Appoint Directors to visit the school from time to time to assure itself of the faithful implementation of the school’s educational program and policies.
Promote the cause of Christian education in the community.
Make regulations for the general maintenance and operation of the school facilities and properties owned by the society.
Recommend contribution and participation levels of the registered families at Rocky Christian School.
Enter into employment contracts.
The Principal shall be an ex-officio of the Board of Directors with the ability to participate in discussion but without the right to vote at the meetings of the Board of Directors.

At the first meeting of the Board of Directors following each Annual General Meeting, the Directors shall elect from among the Board of Directors the Chairman, Vice-Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer.
It shall be the duty of the Chairman to preside at all meetings of the Board, and meetings of the members and to enforce the provisions of the Objects and By-Laws. The Chairman shall be notified of all committee meetings and shall be a member, ex officio, of all committees.
The Vice-Chair shall assist the Chairman in the discharge of his or her duties and shall assume the duties of the Chairman in the Chairman’s absence.
The Secretary of the Society shall prepare and keep custody of Minutes of proceedings of meetings of the Society and of the Board.
The Treasurer shall have custody of the funds and shall report to each monthly meeting of the Board on the Society’s financial position. The Treasurer shall be a member of the Finance Committee.

Funds and Borrowing
The funds of the Society shall be promptly deposited after the receipt thereof by the Treasurer or designate in a chartered bank, trust company, provincial treasury branch, or credit union as approved by the Board of Directors. All disbursements of funds of the Society shall be made by cheque, signed by any two approved Board members with signing authority.
The funds of the Society shall be used and dealt with for its objects provided that the Board may invest in any securities specified in the Trustee Act of the Province of Alberta such portion of the funds of the Society as are not required for its immediate purposes.
For the purpose of carrying out the objects of the Society, the Directors may borrow or raise or secure the payment of money and in particular by the issue of debentures, provided that no borrowing or securities shall be issued without the sanction of a special resolution of the Society.

The fiscal year for the Society shall be fixed by the Board of Directors.
The accounts of the Society shall be audited at the end of each fiscal year and their correctness ascertained and certified by one or more auditors appointed annually by the Board of Directors.
The seal of the Society shall not be affixed to any instrument except by authority of a resolution of the Board of Directors and shall be affixed in the presence of such Directors as are appointed by the resolution to sign such instrument.
The seal and documents of the Society shall be under the control of the Board, and the responsibility for their custody and use shall be determined by the Board.
Unless otherwise specified by resolution of the Board of Directors, the Chairman and the Secretary shall sign documents on behalf of the Society and affix the common seal of the Society.

Records and Books
The Minute Book, Roll Book, and all documents of the Society shall be kept in the possession of the Secretary unless otherwise directed by the Board. The books of account and all financial records shall be kept in the possession of the Treasurer and shall be open for inspection by all Directors and members.

Teaching Staff
The Board shall represent the Society’s interests in appointment of a Principal and staff.
Each member of the teaching staff shall provide evidence that he or she lives in accordance with the Educational Statement and Principles of the Society.
The principal is responsible to ensure that teachers employed at the school agree and teach in accordance with the Educational Statement and Principles set forth in paragraph 3 of these by-laws

Enrollment Practice
Prospective parents will be advised by the Principal with regard to the purpose of the school and the appropriateness of the enrollment of their children in the school.

Whenever under the provisions of these By-Laws of the Society, notice is required to be given, such notice may be given either personally by postal mail at the address as it appears on the books of the Society, or by a form of electronic communication by which the member has agreed to receive notice. A notice or other document, if sent by post, shall be held to be sent at the time when it was deposited in a post office or public letter-box.
No error or omission in giving notice of any Annual General Meeting, general meeting, or special meeting or any such adjourned meeting shall invalidate such meeting or make void any proceedings taken thereat and any member may at any time waive notice of any such meeting and may ratify, approve and confirm any or all proceedings taken or had thereat.

In all By-Laws of the Society the singular shall include the plural and the plural the singular; the word “person” shall include corporations and societies and the masculine shall include the feminine. Wherever reference is made to any statute or section thereof such reference shall be deemed to extend and apply to any amendment to said statute or section, as the case may be.

Special Resolution
Special Resolution means a resolution passed by a majority of not less than three-quarters (3/4) of such members entitled to vote as are present in person at a meeting of the members of which 21 days written notice specifying the intention to propose the resolution as a special resolution has been duly given.

Alteration of By-Laws
These Objects and By-Laws may not be amended, altered, repealed, or added to except by a special resolution of the members.

Dissolution of the Society may only proceed in Accordance with the Societies Act. In that event, any assets of property of the society remaining after the payment of all outstanding debts and liabilities shall be donated to such Christian educational cause as may be decided by the members by special resolution